CPD Technical Analysis Principles




(FPI 4 CPD points) Approval No: FPI190900131
You Must complete the Book and readying Material before attempting the Quiz


Evaluating technical reports and charts is an important complementary skill in conjunction with fundamental analysis when advising clients and/or managing portfolios.  

The course covers the basics of technical analysis (charting). The intention is primarily to equip readers with the ability to gain insight from and effectively assess technical analysis reports. A structured and logical approach is followed to ensure
a large degree of consistent success over time.   


  1. Basic Tenets and Comparison to Fundamental Analysis

A thorough study of the relevant techniques used in technical forecasting is a prerequisite for the effective application thereof.

  1. Human Behaviour- Why Technical Analysis is Effective

The supporting rationale of technical analysis is compared to fundamental analysis as in introduction to the complementary potential of charting.

  1. Building Blocks of Technical Analysis
  • Chart types
  • The concept of trend
  • Support, resistance and trend lines
  • Different moving averages
  • Oscillators 
  • Chart formations and patterns

Combining Analysis Techniques

Correctly combining the various technical tools in an optimal decision-making structure

this course?

Successful analysis is a skill that is accomplished over time through knowledge expansion and continual practical application. This course is designed to introduce a solid theoretical knowledge
base, as well as instil practical evaluation abilities,
in contrast to other offerings that promise instant success by only providing a few pointers on the subject.

Full Value’s Approach:

  • The structured methodology provides an excellent theoretical and practical foundation to enhance analysis capabilities over time.



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