Peet Serfontein Consulting and Full Value have joined forces to offer technical and fundamental analysis courses to our clients that are accredited as unit standards by SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority).

Two unit standard courses are available that differ in emphasis on various analysis techniques, as well as their respective NQF levels and credits.

  1. Enhance Work Practices within Trading by the Application of Technical Analysis.

(SAQA US ID: 11780) (NQF 5: 30 Credits)

  1. Analyse and Evaluate Financial Markets

(SAQA US ID: 12896 (NQF 7: 15 Credits)

Why these courses? Successful analysis is a skill that is accomplished over time through knowledge expansion and continual practical application. These courses introduce a solid theoretical knowledge base, as well as instil practical evaluation abilities. This is in contrast to other offerings that promise instant success by only providing a few pointers on the subject matter. Our approach is a structured methodology that provides an excellent theoretical and practical foundation to enhance analysis capabilities over time.