CATEGORY: Technical

CPD Intro to Fintech in FS Industry

Course Access: 365 days access
Course Overview

Intro to Fintech in FS Industry ( FPI 6.5 CPD points)

FPI Approval No: FPI 21020142

This module requires learners to develop an awareness of Fintech and the challenges (indirect as well as direct) presented to the financial services sector.  It is intended to promote an overview and general understanding of concepts such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the role of Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cyber Security.

This module has the following specific outcomes:


  1. Appreciate the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Financial Services Sector.
  2. Understand algorithms as a fundamental driver of technology.
  3. Comprehend the uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the financial services environment.
  4. Understand the basics of blockchain as a fintech disruptor.
  5. Value ethics and ownership in fintech.
  6. Interpret  the importance of cyber security

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