CATEGORY: Technical

CPD SA Money Markets Theory Course

Course Access: 365 days access
Course Overview

Money Markets Theory ONLINE COURSE : ( FPI 3 CPD points)

FPI Approval No: FPI 21060091


The money market is the base for all other investment vehicles and markets with the added benefit of a low risk and volatility profile.

Most investors and advisors utilize the money market by design and even by default as a low-risk investment vehicle in uncertain times, ensuring liquidity in general portfolios and achieving the correct blend of risk for an optimal risk-adjusted return profile in most market conditions and risk scenarios. This course is designed to create a better general understanding of money market investments and relevant application areas.

Course objective: To equip readers with the basic knowledge of  SA money market instruments and how to trade them. The pricing of the various instruments will be dealt with in a separate short course. This will ensure that investors and
advisors can extract the maximum benefit out of short term liquidity and low-risk cash type holdings.


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