CPD Mechanics of Equity Markets

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FPI Approval no: FPI 21060081

Course Objective: Equities investments and trading are a vital capital market activity. This short course will primarily explain the mechanics of equity markets in general, with specific reference to the South African example. A thorough analysis of listed companies, the economy and other influencing factors as a prerequisite for sound and profitable investment decisions will be handled in a separate course.

Course Content:

  • Listings– why do companies list on stock exchanges
  • Stock exchanges as the market place for listed equity counters are explained with reference to the various South African exchanges.
  • The types of stock exchange systems that are used in the world and the various methods of order executions
  • Types of shares that can be traded and their differentiating features.
  • Corporate actions explained in terms of event types and rationale
  • The pivotal role and functions of a Central Securities Depository
  • Share indices explained and demystified with special reference to local and important international indices.
  • The types of orders that can be placed by brokers on an exchange
  • Securities lending defined and clarified in detail with examples
  • A short differentiation between Equity, Debt and Loan Instruments



An in depth knowledge of equity market mechanics, as well as clarification of terminology should lead to a better appreciation and efficient use of the structures available.


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